Welcome to HumbleFish Aquatics LLC

We offer fish which have been quarantined and conditioned by HumbleFish himself.

We are currently up and running, however this website is not ready for online orders yet. Please, bear with us while we get the website set up for ordering...

Current Availability

We do have a backlog of requests, which doesn't leave much room in the quarantine tanks for fish that are not already reserved, but we do have a few available. You can find our currently available fish as well as current customer reviews:

If you find anything you would like to purchase, please send an email to: Contact@HumbleFishAquatics.com

Request Quarantined Fish

You can place your order for fish to be quarantined by sending an email to: Requests@HumbleFishAquatics.com


You can find all of HumbleFish's latest information about Marine Fish Diseases and Treatment on our new website: Humble.Fish at https://Humble.Fish


We also have a new forum there to let everyone ask questions, get help, and share their own experiences on a wide variety of subjects in the world of saltwater aquariums. HumbleFish Forum at https://Humble.Fish/community/
Note that this forum is not limited to just fish disease and treatments.